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Hato, Kralendijk

Control Tower, BIA

The control tower consists of 6 floors, which controls the air traffic of the entire airport.
In this project, Garnet contributed to the design, supply, installation and certification of the fire alarm system, commissioning, and certification of the fire alarm system.

Garnet also contributed to the expansion of the security area and departure lounge at Bonaire Airport. All electrical installations have been completed. The fire alarm system was also installed.

Playa, Kralendijk

Dutch Caribbean Police Force, Headquarters

After the reform of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on October 10, 2010, this building was expanded to 3 floors. Bonaire received the status of a special municipality of the Netherlands. Garnet provided the electrical, data and fire alarm installations for this project.
Playa, Kralendijk

Chogogo Resort

Chogogo Resort is a large resort consisting of villas, apartment buildings with 3 floors, restaurants, beach bar, dive shop and a main building with reception, offices, and an entrance building. Garnet integrated the electrical, data, fiber optic and fire alarm systems.
Hato, Kralendijk

Airport, BIA

Garnet has contributed to the expansion of the security area and the departure hall for the Bonaire Airport. All electrical facilities have been installed. The fire alarm system has also been installed.
Playa, Kralendijk

Sporthal SGP

In this project we installed the lighting and electrical systems. An important element of attention was the impact resistance of the fixtures and the rest of the electrical installation.

Garnet used its expertise to find a suitable installation

Rincon, Kralendijk

Cocari Foundation

Garnet provided the electrical and low voltage installations for the Cocari Foundation.
Hato, Kralendijk

FCB Volkswoningen

Garnet did the electrical work for more than 100 houses for the Fundashon Cas Boneriano (FCB) in Bonaire.
Hato, Kralendijk

APNA, National Service Caribbean Netherlands

The APNA building was an existing building that was renovated into a modern flex office where Garnet installed the electrical, data and fire installation.
Playa, Kralendijk

Resort Bonaire

Garnet provided the electrical and low voltage installations for Resort Bonaire.
Playa, Kralendijk

Caribbean Netherlands Fire Station

The fire station in Bonaire is one of the largest in the Caribbean. It has sleeping quarters, offices, a large workshop and various other areas, including a gym.

For this project, a plan of approach was provided that required Garnet to provide for
electrical, fire alarm, data, fiber optic and building management systems.

Playa, Kralendijk

Appartementencomplex, 9 Straatjes

We had the opportunity to work with our client for the development and implementation of the electrical work on the 9 Straatjes project.

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