Top quality supplier of burglar alarm systems

We are professional installers of business security systems. We use commercial alarm systems to protect your assets and customers.

Garnet Business Security System

Provide your employees, partners and customers with an unparalleled level of security by implementing a business security system.

A high performance system installed by Garnet monitors a company’s premises and ensures that outsiders and strangers never enter the monitored areas.

To provide protection, cameras, alarms and integrated access control systems are synchronized to create a system that keeps intruders out while allowing verified access.

Licensed and insured home alarm experts

At Garnet, every home alarm installation is performed by our own professionally trained staff, who undergo rigorous testing on a regular basis. When our installers enter your home, you can expect unparalleled quality and professionalism.

Your Quality Burglar Alarm Installation

At Garnet, we offer several alarm systems that make burglary impossible. With our professional advice you will know quickly and concretely what you can do to secure your home or business.

Our technicians ensure quick and professional installations at the agreed time. You will not be bothered by cutting and breaking work. You can also combine your installation with subsequent mobile monitoring.

Together with our partners we can help you with our 200+ years of experience.

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