Realized projects that we proudly present to you as a team

Punda, Willemstad

Bioscoop, The Movies

The Movies was a very special project for Garnet. In preparation for this project, Mr. Isidora was sent to the USA to learn as much as possible about electrical developments in the movie industry.

This makes him a very valuable addition to Garnet's portfolio. Garnet installed the electrical and low voltage systems for The Movies, such as the data network, fire alarm systems and security cameras.

Emmastad, Willemstad

Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post

Garnet planned and executed the entire electrical and low-voltage installation for the BT&P building. The entire data network, fire alarm systems and cameras were installed by Garnet.
Otrobanda, Willemstad

Church, Santa Famia

Curaçao has many churches and monuments. These often have outdated networks and installations that need to be replaced. Garnet has contributed to the modernization of several churches by renewing the electrical installations. In these types of projects, we often deal with very tall buildings where the roof is high and pointed. This requires proper projection and placement of the lighting according to the standards
Habaai, Willemstad

Landhuis Habaai

Landhuis Habaai dates back to the early 18th century and is a beautiful monument with an art gallery and cultural center. Monuments require a special approach to the installation of electrical systems.

Garnet provided all the electrical installations for this project. As this is a country house, the current state of the building has to be taken into account. This requires special knowledge from Garnet, which is provided by the technicians.

Nieuwe Haven, Willemstad

Bank, Korpodeko

Korpodeko's building is a new-style construction project for which Garnet was responsible for the electrical and fire alarm installation.

The data network was recently upgraded from Cat 5 to Cat 6A, providing employees with an even faster data network.

Marie Pampoen, Willemstad

Bedrijfsvezamelgebouw, Green Apple

Green Apple is an office building on the Dr. Hugenholtzweg. Garnet planned and carried out all the electrical work within this project.
Julianadorp, Willemstad

School, Vespucci College

For Vespucci College, Garnet provided electrical and low voltage installations such as data network, fire alarm systems and security cameras.
Pietermaai, Willemstad

Boutique Hotel, 't Klooster

Renovations require a different kind of knowledge and work from the installer. This was a special project for which Garnet had the right expertise.

During the conversion of the old Augustinian building into a boutique hotel, Garnet was responsible for the preparation and execution of the electrical installations and the construction of the data network.

Otrobanda, Willemstad

Church, Basilica di Santa Ana

The Basilica de Santa Ana project has also added to our portfolio of
of monumental buildings. This is a certain expertise that we have built up over the years. These are protected buildings that have been declared World Heritage Sites.

In this project, we did the electrical work and installed new lighting.

Nieuwe Haven, Willemstad

Landhuis Gaito

Garnet supplied the electricity, data network and low voltage installations for Landhuis Gaito. As this is a historic country house, the current state of the property had to be taken into account. This required the expertise of Garnet, which has highly skilled fitters in house.
Juan Domingo, Willemstad

Bouwmarkt, Kooyman

One of the most important projects Garnet has been able to add to its portfolio in recent years is the new construction of the Kooyman Megastore. The building consists of the store, warehouse, workshop and office space for the staff. Each of these areas has its own guidelines, in which Garnet has applied its expertise on behalf of its client.

Within this year-long project, Garnet was responsible for the entire electrical installation: planning the entire project, preparing blueprints, determining the correct lighting and distribution boxes, and so on.

After approval by Kooyman's management, Garnet also took care of the actual implementation of the entire plan. With this project, Garnet proved to be an all-round partner in the field of electrical installation.

Scharloo, Willemstad

Accountantbureau, Grant Thornton

A special project for Garnet. In addition to installing the electricity, data network and security cameras, Garnet was also commissioned to implement the access control system.

The entire security system with access badges was successfully installed here.

Scharloo, Willemstad

Geldmuseum, Yotin Korta

The Money Museum is an important building where visitors can learn about the
Curacao, St. Maarten and other islands of the former Dutch Antilles.
Netherlands Antilles. For this project we also completely renovated the electrical and security installations.
Pietermaai Plein, Willemstad

Hotel, City Suites

In Pietermaai you will find a parking garage with four floors and office space, for which Garnet has designed and executed the complete electrical design.
Montaña Rey, Willemstad

Church, Parokia di Montaña

In this project we worked on the electrical installation. The high and open ceilings of the church buildings also bring an additional element of risk in the event of a lightning strike. In this building, we replaced the electrical wiring and also installed a lightning conductor for safety in case of bad weather conditions with lightning strikes. In this way, Garnet continues to contribute to the safety of the island.
Otrobanda, Willemstad

Landhuis, Kranshi Bieu

Working on existing buildings is always a good opportunity for Garnet employees to use their specialist renovation knowledge.

This was the case at Kranshi Bieu, where Garnet was responsible for the electrical and data installations.

Juan Domingo, Willemstad

School, IFE

For the IFE, Garnet provided the electrical installations, data networks and fire alarm systems.
Scharloo, Willemstad

Landhuis, Urban Venue

The building consists of different types of rooms. In this building you will find offices as well as sports and recreation areas. Within this successfully completed project, Garnet provided the electrical and data installations.

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