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Alternative energy refers to energy sources other than fossil fuels. This includes all renewable resources and nuclear. Nuclear is not classified as a renewable energy source. Renewable energy is produced from resources that cannot be depleted in a lifetime.

Go for modern techniques, switch to solar energy!

Solar energy is energy from the sun in the form of heat and light. With modern techniques we can convert this energy into electricity or heat. The light from the sun is collected by solar panels with photovoltaic cells (PV cells) that convert it into electricity.

The heat can be collected by solar collectors or heat exchangers. The energy is not converted into electricity, but is used directly to heat water in, for example, a solar boiler. Our PV solutions are designed so that you can take advantage of the world’s favorite star. Use clean energy and help our planet!

“Wees zuinig met de aarde! Het is de enige planeet met chocola.”

German IsidoraCEO

Huge savings and flexible for every household

  • Team up with the sun, power up and save! Generating electricity with solar panels translates into huge savings. With enough sunlight you become an energy supplier. The energy surplus can be supplied to a utility company. The excess electricity produced during the day is supplied to your utility company and when needed, you buy electricity again. The ideal situation arises when production and supply are in balance. This brings the electricity bill to zero.
  • Flexible for every individual. Every household has different consumption needs; each house has a different roof surface. Calculating the costs for a solar energy system is custom work.
  • Would you like to know how much you can save by switching to solar energy? Our team of experts can assist you and create a plan adapted to your needs.

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The smartest energy sources are our own professionals

We are licensed solar installers you can trust and rely on. Our team consists of highly trained professionals capable of delivering first-class quality results. When you partner with us, you get only the best. Placing solar panels requires a considerable investment, but if it is properly geared to daily household consumption, it pays for itself in a fairly short time.

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Energy savings

Renewable energy is produced from resources that are not depleted.


Ensures health, safety and quality requirements are maintained.

LAN infrastructure

The services between users, processes, applications, services and external networks.


The process that ensures that buildings work optimally & efficiently.

Breakdown service

Technical support or maintenance of a product.

Strategic advice

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Technical installations

Sophisticated systems for serving a particular purpose.

Low-voltage installations

Think of doorbells, garage door openers, sensors, thermostats and lighting.

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