Professional Fire Alarm Systems

Our deep expertise in developing reliable and advanced fire detection products and technologies makes us a leader in this field.

Fire protection for your business

A certified fire alarm system is essential for the safety of people present, limiting damage to buildings and preventing possible loss of production, and we offer you the best quality and service.

Fire protection by Garnet

We offer strategic solutions to protect your building against fire in a simple and reliable way. Fire protection starts with fire detection, and fire detection includes everything from components (sensors, detectors, sounders, and control panels) to integrated systems.

Our customers rely on our experience and the development and implementation of solutions with our global partners.

Benefits of a fire alarm system

  • Smoke or fire is detected earlier
  • Fire alarm systems can prevent personal injury
  • Material damage remains limited
  • The fire alarm system can detect, locate, and alarm
  • The system can be linked to other security systems


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