Our electrical transportation gives your company lighting

From design to construction, we bring the wow to your project!

Garnet N.V. makes modest adjustments in existing environments, but also in new construction; from large hospitals to smaller buildings. We have experience in various sectors such as healthcare, education, governments and data centers, but also with more complex organizations such as installations at large retail chains and resorts.

The electrical installations are carried out with the highest quality and safety requirements; these are therefore always subject to inspections. In this way we guarantee our quality and everyone’s safety.

“Geen project is te groot, geen installatie te gecompliceerd.”

German IsidoraCEO

Garnet N.V. zorgt voor


Generated Solar Power


Solar Panels


Security installations

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We professionally solve sustainable issues by offering smart solutions

Fire Safety

Our certified installers and fire protection systems are a must.


Provides an overview of the data within an organization.


For a safe, energy-saving and comfortable life.

Electrical Engineering

We are specialized in electricity and electromagnetic fields.

Safety Audits

To test the whole of management, policy and concrete safety measures.

Solar Panel Installations

This PV System converts light energy (Photo-energy) into electricity (Volts).

Our mission is to overcome expectations

  • Achieving Energy savings from nature’s inexhaustible energy sources
  • If you want to have Inspection work carried out by the certification company in the Antilles, Garnet has been an expert in developing, designing and implementing innovative solutions for more than 25 years.
  • LAN infrastructure to optimize your entire network
  • Maintenance of your buildings and other assets is essential to be able to work optimally, cleanly and efficiently
  • Breakdown service as a backup plan in case of emergencies
  • We provide strategic advice in advance and this equals no problems afterwards
  • Install technical installations for safe transport, distribution and conversion of your electrical power
  • Low-voltage installations are used especially for low-voltage systems that are lower than 50 volts

A lively family culture where the relationship between people is central

Together with our partners we can help you with our 200+ years of experience.

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