What we do as a certified company

The primary role in the inspection work is to ensure that the health, safety and quality requirements of the products are maintained. We do everything we can to increase your productivity.

Why do you need a certificate?

The purpose of inspection and certification is to obtain a permit for our company, so we can demonstrate that the correct equipment is used, that safety requirements are met, etc.

This includes the guidelines drawn up by the fire brigade for the approval of a commercial building. How often an inspection has to be carried out partly depends on the type of installation/equipment and the requirements that are set for it.

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International recognition

  • Inspection and certification are two aspects that can be performed separately or in coordination. During the inspection, the functioning of the technical installation and equipment is examined. You will receive an inspection report. With a satisfactory report you can issue a certification. There is an increasing focus on the safety of personnel and users and the sustainability of installations and equipment research.
  • We carry out all inspections and certifications in accordance with the NEN standards of the Netherlands Standardization Institute. We are also fully aware of the requirements as set by the local government and inspection authorities. Rest assured that the highest standards must be met to meet the requirements of N.S.I.

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Sustainable business innovation

Our certifications open the doors to international associations and partnerships, which are internationally recognized. It confirms your commitment to quality and safety. It always helps to have a security certificate, especially in insurance claims and other disputes. You can take advantage of these benefits.

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Energy savings

Renewable energy is produced from resources that are not depleted.


Ensures health, safety and quality requirements are maintained.

LAN infrastructure

The services between users, processes, applications, services and external networks.


The process that ensures that buildings work optimally & efficiently.

Breakdown service

Technical support or maintenance of a product.

Strategic advice

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Technical installations

Sophisticated systems for serving a particular purpose.

Low-voltage installations

Think of doorbells, garage door openers, sensors, thermostats and lighting.

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