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An integrated approach to risk, safety, and crisis management.

A safety audit is designed to test all controls, policies, and concrete safety measures. This is done for quality, effectiveness, and completeness.

Our audits determine whether the system is working as intended. An audit is also performed to determine where and what gaps the system has. It goes without saying that the safety audit provides essential starting points for optimizing your electrical installations and safety management in general.

Reliability is the condition for trust

We offer reliable service and support. The right conditions create possibilities. Hard work and consistency open doors.

During a Garnet Security Audit, we analyze your safety policy in a holistic manner.

This is basically done according to the six-step model:

  • Examine the current risk profile
  • Identify and categorize current security features
  • Audit the organization’s facilities
  • Audit electronic and physical facilities
  • Analyze research data and results
  • Reporting of the results and advice on concrete improvement possibilities

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