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We install future-oriented electrical equipment for every building that can safely transport the electrical power.

From design to transformation

Electrical installation does not stand alone, it is an essential part of the infrastructure designed in the early stages of the project. It requires specific expertise. Practicality is important. There are many practicalities that the average person would not consider, which can cause inconvenience or problems afterwards.

Installations must also meet legal requirements, and things can get complicated when they don’t.

“Alles is energie”

German IsidoraCEO

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Energy savings

Renewable energy is produced from resources that are not depleted.


Ensures health, safety and quality requirements are maintained.

LAN infrastructure

The services between users, processes, applications, services and external networks.


The process that ensures that buildings work optimally & efficiently.

Breakdown service

Technical support or maintenance of a product.

Strategic advice

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Technical installations

Sophisticated systems for serving a particular purpose.

Low-voltage installations

Think of doorbells, garage door openers, sensors, thermostats and lighting.

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